How can I meet Gorilla easily?

Gorilla trekking is among the major tourist activities on planet earth. The world is left with a few numbers of Gorillas thus a need for protection. Many people from all corners of the world are thirsty of meeting Gorillas in their natural habitat. It is believed that meeting gorillas in their natural habitat is not a simple task due to the following reasons:

-The cost of the Gorilla permits are extremely high, for example, Uganda Gorilla permit cost US$ 600, Rwanda Gorilla permit at US$ 1500, Democratic Republic of Congo permit at US$ 400 and so on.

-Some level of fitness needed since it involves climbing hills and sloping – approximately 4-6 hours duration.

-Some Gorilla habitat is   infected with tsetse flies, Malaria and so on.

-There are chances of transmitting disease from Gorillas to man and the reverse is true.

- Slippery trails makes the trek complicated and many more. How Gorilla trekking activity can be simplified by the following:

Vaccination should be done before meeting Gorillas – this is done to overcome the spread of diseases from man to animals.

Choose a nearby Gorilla family to avoid moving for long distances.

Move with ranger guides who are experienced and knowledgeable about the movement of the Gorillas. Rangers can predict where the Gorillas are basing on where they slept the previous night or basing on where they were trekked the previous day. This can save trekkers the burden of walking long distances while searching for the Gorillas.

Move with a walking stick – the stick can support you move far  and when you are tired, you can stand and relax while supported by the walking stick and then, continue with the trek. The walking stick can defend you in case you meet a dangerous animal.

If you are weak or not well, you can choose to trek a nearby Gorilla group which does not involve walking long distances.

Hire porters to help you carry your luggage. On the other hand, porters can carry you when you are exhausted to ensure that you encounter Gorillas.

Remember to move with the necessary requirement or gear for Gorilla trekking. Some of them include gloves, hut, hiking shoes and insect repellent among others. The gears can simplify your being in the forests with Gorillas.

Move with packed lunch and mineral drinking water for refreshment – in case you are hungry and thirsty, you can eat and drink to gain more strength.

Attend briefing before setting for Gorilla trekking – there you will go well equipped with dos and don’ts while with Gorillas to avoid harm.

Follow the rule and regulations governing Gorilla trekking to easy Gorilla trek. On the other hand ask the rangers any question to guide you.

Do not isolate yourself from the group you are allocated to – doing so can expose you to danger when you have no one to help you.

Do not try to challenge the Gorillas when you are amidst them – if they are annoyed simply leave or reduce your height by kneeling down.