What Americans like while on trip


Americans do like eating out while on the trip/ holiday. They like traveling while eating crisps, drinks and more others.

They also like shopping – when traveling, Americans do like shopping so, it’s better to take them to the local markets, supermarkets, art and craft stalls, bars and so on.

Americans also like visiting historical places like museums, worshiping places and many others. The safari guide should select better historical places and should be knowledgeable about the history of such places.

The Americans like visiting local communities to interact with the local residents. Participate in local activities like digging, brewing, cooking, music, dance and drama among others.

City tours – the Americans also like city drives to see plazas, local markets, financial institution, posters, and vehicles and so on. Therefore, tour consultants are argued to prepare a tail made itineraries including city tours.

Visiting cultural sites and museum – for example Rwanda has genocide memorial museums which cropped up after the 1994 Genocide costing the lives of about 800000 people. Museums are historical places where remains/ materials of the first people are kept.

They like attending night clubs or dancing clubs – make them participate in dancing. In Uganda, there are many clubs found in Kampala city and other towns found in different districts.

Visiting art galleries – take them to local art and craft shops and leave them to make choice or buy.

Water sorts and sunbathing–take them to the beeches for sun bathing, view water vessels and so on.