Reasons why people go for gorilla trekking safaris

In Africa, Gorilla trekking is conducted in countries like Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Uganda, and Rwanda and so on. There are several reasons why people trek Gorillas:

Risk of exhaustion- it should be noted that Gorillas stand high chances of exhaustion because they are exposed dangers like poaching, wars, disease among others.

Gorillas take long to produce due to low fertility rate. Female Gorillas starts producing at late age and if they produce, they give birth to few off springs.

The mountainous nature of Rwanda attracts many visitors to trek Gorillas in Volcanoes National park. Visitors find it better to have views of Virunga Mountains and take photos.

People trek African Gorillas for photographic reasons – experienced photographers find it hard to miss photos of Gorillas. Young Gorillas give fantastic photos. In other words, people need to take photos of Gorillas for memorable purposes to the future generations.

In some countries like Uganda and Rwanda, every successful trekker is given certificate of appreciation. Such certificates attract visitors to take Gorilla trekking safaris and forego other safaris.

Meeting Gorillas in their natural habitat is a life changing activity – which everybody should do before death. Looking into the eyes of a young gorilla cannot be forgotten!!

In some African countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and others, Gorilla trekking safaris are cheaper compared to other trips in other countries.

It is in Africa where Gorillas can survive well in their natural habitats – most of African countries are endowed with rain forest – suitable habitat for Gorillas. Uganda Mountain Gorillas are found in tropical forest of Bwindi Impenetrable forest, Mgahinga Forest – Rwanda, Mountain Gorillas are found in the bamboo forest of Volcanoes national park, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gorillas are found in Virunga National park situated in Virunga Mountains.

The prevailing peace in some African countries like Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria among others -Political stability attracts visitors to come for Gorilla trekking in Africa.

Presence of groups of Gorillas – Uganda has more than 12 Gorilla groups, Rwanda ten groups, DR. Congo, more than five groups – such a big number of gorillas attract visitors to visit them.

Gorilla habituation process – this is a process by which Gorillas are made familiar to human beings. Gorilla habituation process enable visitors view mountain Gorillas without being harmed by Gorillas. The habituation process is done by experienced persons and without it, gorilla trekking cannot be possible.

Wealthy, some people are wealthy and their problem is to spend not earning so such people decide to spend their money in Gorilla trekking. It should be noted that Rwanda gorilla permit is sold at $ 750, Uganda Gorilla permit at $ 600 – such permits are expensive compared to Chimp trekking and wildlife game drives.

Some people decide to take Gorilla trekking safaris to spend their vacation after work. It should be noted that some works are given leave after a long period of work – so they find it better to move to Africa for Gorilla trekking.

The problem of winter in European countries force tourists from such countries to spend some time in Africa as they wait for the summer season to resume at home.

Comparative advantage- some African countries like Uganda have a variety of wildlife apart from Gorillas, you can have chimpanzee trekking, boat trips to see a variety of water loving birds like those at Ngamba Island, Kazinga channel, lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, Lake Ihema, Lake Kivu in Rwanda among others.

Some people trek gorillas to share experience – they need to get stories to tell. However, other people trek Gorillas for preservation reasons. Some money paid for Gorilla trekking permit is used to preserve Gorillas for future generation.

Gorillas are attractive/ amazing to look at. Silver backs are huge and stronger than three men. The view its self attracts more visitors to come to Africa to meet Gorillas in their natural habitat.

Gorillas are easily found in forests. This is because rangers predict where to meet Gorillas in the next morning basing on where they slept the previous night. So, this makes it easier for the trekkers not to move long distance before meeting Gorillas.

In some countries like Rwanda, Gorillas are found in Bamboo forest – which gives a clear view for Gorillas and excellent photography. Unlike in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which are thicker and cameras without strong flash cannot take clear photos of the amazing creatures.