Why Gorilla permits on high demand


Gorilla trekking permit/ pass is a document authorizing some body to trek Gorillas. Currently, Rwanda Gorilla trekking permit cost US$ 750 and for Uganda at US$ 600, we predict the prices to increase in future. In Rwanda, Gorilla trekking is conducted in Volcanoes National park while in Uganda, it’s done in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Forest National park.

Gorilla trekking is the major tourist attraction in Uganda and Rwanda – this is evidence that the demand for Gorilla permits is high and the following justifies why the demand for Gorilla permits is high:

Gorillas are among the rarest primates in Uganda, Rwanda and the country at large. The fact that Gorillas are few in the world, many people yearn to meet them in their natural habitat.

Gorilla trekking is the major tourist attraction in Uganda and Rwanda – the fact that, the two neighboring countries want to raise a lot of funds from Gorilla tourism; they have to set high prices.

Gorilla trekking is considered as a life time event which everyone has to enjoy before death. That’s why every abled person prefers moving to trek Gorillas in their natural habitat.

The demand is high because Rwanda and Uganda have tried to market Gorillas to the entire world through persuasive means to attract a large number of trekkers. Gorilla trekking is advertised on radios, Internet social media, and world travel exhibitions among other. The fact that, many people are aware of the presence of Gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda rash to encounter them.

Gorillas are entertaining primates and meeting them give many stories to tell in life. The fact that Gorillas are intelligent and are capable of using tools like stones, sticks among others during their routine work.

Some people trek Gorillas for business reasons. The bloggers, photographers need information for Gorillas to help them promote their tourism business. Some people capture Gorilla films for sell, bloggers get information to promote their websites. Therefore, the need to get useful information calls for high demand.

Film makers trek Gorillas to capture films that can be added to make their films more amusing – since Gorillas are unique primates and cannot be substituted they find it a must to meet them in their natural environment hence high demand for Gorilla permits.

The natural environment for gorillas attracts many to experience it.  Uganda Gorillas are found in the Impenetrable forests – while there, you feel life changing event of breath taking unpolluted air and so on. In Rwanda, the Virunga Mountains are eye catching – offers beautiful view – the temperatures in the mountainous areas also leaves a lot to be desired.

The uniqueness of Gorillas makes the demand for Gorilla permits high since they cannot be substituted with any other primates in the wild. Gorillas are by far exhibits unique characteristic, intelligence and so on.

The health benefits obtained from Gorilla trekking makes the permits highly demanded – trekkers obtain physical fitness after climbing uphill and down slopes while struggling to meet Gorillas in their natural habitat.