Why Rwanda Receives many tourists

Vivid reasons why Rwanda receives many tourists  compared to her neighboring countries

Rwanda is among the smallest countries in Africa but with lots of attractions to offer to the tourists. The country is referred to as the land of a thousand Hills due to fact that, it is occupied by many hills and mountains – and above all the mighty Virunga ranges.

Rwanda is blessed with primates – Gorillas and Golden monkeys are found in Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzees, colobus monkeys and other ten primate species are found in Nyungwe Forest.  Primate watching has for so long been the most amazing tourists’ activity in the world therefore no tourists should ever miss out such an adventure!!

Tropical Beach - There are lots of accommodation options for the monkeys and gorillas in gorgeous Musanze, but many don't realize they're just 45 minutes from tropical Gisenyi on the shores of Lake Kivu. Don't miss out on the tropical beach—we always stay at the under-visited Kivu Serena with a spectacular pool and white sand beach—great music, and weather.

Akagera National Park -The Akagera National Park is home to elephants and one of the largest hippo populations in East Africa. It is now just 2 hours from Kigali thanks to Rwanda's smoothly paved roads. The gorgeously appointed Rusizi Lodge, with just a half dozen tented guest rooms, puts to rest the concern that luxury couldn't be found at Akagera. The park itself is spectacular – we've done safaris all over Africa but most of our best viewing experiences have been at Akagera.

Lakeside Lodges - Rwanda Lakes are popular destinations for those travelling to East Africa for vacation. With wide variety of accommodation surrounding Rwanda lakes, you will be able to find any lodge that will suite your taste and budget. Luxury lodges overlook the picturesque lakes, surrounded with incomparable pristine and steep beauty of the lake shores. Rwanda lakeside lodges include Inzu Lodge, Cormoran Lodge, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Paradise Malahide and many more.

The friendly people - The Rwandans are friendly and welcoming; their hospitality is known to all visitors and tourists. The affection and tenderness of their people is quite amazing.

Rwanda is synonymous with mountains and scenic landscapes and celebrated for its gorgeous national parks like Volcanoes National Park for Mountain Gorillas, Nyungwe Forest for Chimpanzee & other primate trekking and Akagera National Park (home of a variety of birds and animals).

Kigali City -  offers stunning architecture, museums, shopping malls, amazing restaurants and hotels, to mention a few.

Rwanda is one of the countries that produce tea in Africa. It has hectares of land with tea vegetation, plenty of lush green plantations. Rwanda is famous for its quality of tea. Rwanda’s slopes and caustic soils of highland region, with pleasant climate which makes it easy for plantation growth.

Visiting the sacred Memorial museums of Rwanda “Never Again”

Rwanda’s Trail of Tears and Sorrows – especially the 100 days of Sorrow of the Genocide of 1994 in which upward to one million people were cruelly annihilated – the Genocide against the Tutsi People – a time where the world stood idly by while carnage reigned in Rwanda – an effort to wipe the Tutsi People off the face of earth.

Lake Burera and Buhondo - Located at the base of volcano Muhabura, surrounded by precipitous peaks with Virunga volcanic mountains in the background, Lake Burera and Buhondo are known as the twin lakes are among the beautiful Lakes in Rwanda. The lake’s  beauty is difficult to overlook. Popular among the tourists, Lake Burera is surrounded by luxury lodges such as Virunga Volcanoes Lodges where visitors can stay during their visits to the lake and surroundings.

Today, you can visit Rwanda’s Sacred Places – the Genocide Memorials found in various parts of Rwanda.  Some of the memorial sites include: Gisozi Genocide Memorial sites, Murambi Genocide Memorial museum, Nyamata Genocide Memorial Museum among others. The memorials not only are a place of mourning and remembrance but places of triumph over evil that being so visible all over the new Rwanda where people are no longer Tutsi, Hutu or Twa but Rwandans.  “Never again”.

Huye / Butare - The former colonial capital of Rwanda, Butare is located in the southern region of Rwanda. The city is characterized by colonial buildings, clean streets, churches, Museums and a plethora of terrace cafés and restaurants. The city was renamed as Huye but the locals still prefer to use Butare. The major attractions in Butare are The National Museum of Rwanda, Ginkoro Genocidal Museum, Huye Market and the National University of Rwanda.