Why to postpone a trip

Reasons why some people decide not to have a trip/ safari OR why do people fear to travel?
There are several reasons why people decide not to travel due to social, economic, political and cultural factors among others. According to the research made in two years, we managed to come up with the following views:
Financial constrains – some people wish to travel but find their pockets unable. For anybody planning to have vacation say in Uganda OR Rwanda, first look into your pocket because it involves spending on transport (Road OR flying), tipping, accommodation, administration fees to the tour operators, taxes, personal requirements, park entry fees, meals, payments for the local tour guides, rangers, potters, payments for tourist activities among other. For the Gorilla or Chimpanzee trekking safari, the client is expected to pay advance for booking their permits before the actual tracking date: in Uganda, each Gorilla permit is Currently sold at US$ 600 and in Rwanda at US$ 750 so, some people find it expensive to have such trips.
Political instabilities – in some countries like Iraq, Somali, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and Libya among others. Safaris are impossible in some areas due to instable political situation. The peace in such counties are disrupted by the rebels of always make trial overthrow of governments so, tourist find it hard to travel in such nation for fear to lose their lives. In such insecure nations, some animals, tour operators among others are killed in wars yet they are a key factor to tourism.
Poaching of wild animals and birds – people opting to travel would like to move to the countries with a variety of wild animals and birds among other tourist attractions. It is unfortunate some in countries; animals like elephants, Rhinos, Gorillas, chimps among others are soon exhausting due to constant illegal hunting.
Health factors – some tourist destinations contain deadly diseases and pests like Mosquitoes, tsetse flies among others and diseases like Ebola and so on. Therefore, people find it hard to reach such places until they are confirmed safe.
Poor Guidance – some people are poorly guided by inexperienced tour operators who miss guide them about the available tourist potentials, costs, requirements among others. Such contradicting guidance forces travelers to postpone their safaris or stay at home.
Poor service delivery –some safari companies are not reputable and they offer poor services which threatens clients not to travel again. Some people’s past experiences predicts their future but is should be noted that African Jungle Adventures Limited is one of the best company in offering good services to the satisfaction of the clients. Do you need Gorilla trekking safari, chimpanzee, wildlife or any other safaris.
Inaccessibility of some areas – some tourist destinations are impossibly reached. Some of them include thorny and very impenetrable forest, water bodies covered by thick vegetation, water bodies with rapids and falls, cliffs, areas infected with tsetse flies, mosquitoes among others.
False information – some people are falsely informed about the available potentials. It should be noted that some safari companies employ half-baked workers who cannot give vivid and satisfying travel information to the clients. And when travelers detect false details given to them, they lose morale for travelling.
Fraud cases – some online websites are fake and unreal. Some are designed to steal people’ money which has prohibited clients to book safaris online for fear to lose their monies. It is unfortunate that many travelers fear to book trips online yet it is the most quick way – yes, I do encourage my readers to book online after serious research about the company they opt to travel with otherwise fraud companies are also cropping up daily so, take care!!
Incompetent tour consultants – some of safari consultant cannot offer reliable and favorable guidance to the travelers so, they decide not to travel again. On the other hand some safari guides are rude to the visitors due to many questions asked.
Fear to travel long distances – some travelers fear to be driven for long distances – fly for long hours among others. Some people’s health status hinders them to travel long distance.
Fear to leave families behind – some people have serious family ties that they find it hard to leave their loved ones behind to go on the safari.