Why you need a tour guide


Safari guides are local tour operators who organize trips on behalf of their clients.  Below are some of the reasons why it’s very important to choose a safari guide to help you arrange your life time safari:

Safari guides stays on the ground, and they are well informed about the tourist attractions of the area. Therefore, they find it easy to lead their clients to the best sites of their interest.

Safari guides are always drivers and they transport tourists from one place to another. Being a local tour operator, they are well knowledgeable about the roads in the area.

Safari guides can help you choose the best safari vehicles to use depending on the conditions of the roads found in the areas you want to visit.

Tour guides can help you choose the best accommodation to stay in during the period you want to stay on the trip.

The guides can give you reliable information about the security of the areas you want to explore.

The safari guides answers all the questions raised by their clients while on the trip.

The guides interpret different language to their clients.  They help to simply communication between residents and their foreign clients.

The guides act as care takers of the clients / tourists. The guide is a full time servant to the tourists.

The guide aim at ensuring informative and enjoyable safari by feeding their clients with enough information about flora, fauna, drainage, relief among others.

The safari guide briefs clients at the start and the end of their safaris.

The tour guide alerts clients about their departure flights, time to do each activity among others.